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Why can Covid-19 patients heal even if there is no cure?

The lung specialist from the Indonesian Association of doctors explained that many COVID-19 patients had recovered from the disease even though there have been no vaccines and medication. “Case fatality rate (CFR) numbers between 2-3 percent, 97 percent of possibilities can be recovered,” said the lung specialist at Erlina Burhan Friendship Hospital which was incorporated as Satgas COVID-19 in PB IDI Jakarta Office, Thursday 5 March 2020.

CFR or the percentage of death from the whole case due to the COVID-19 virus indicates a low number. If the last data referencing the COVID-19 case in total worldwide is more than 90 thousand cases, more than 50 thousand of them have been successfully recovered or more than 50 percent of the total cases.

He described the clinical symptoms of people infected with COVID-19 generally mild symptoms. Cases of death are more experienced by parents and also people who have had chronic illnesses before.

As long as the COVID-19 virus only infects the upper respiratory tract, symptoms usually like influenza symptoms. However, it is feared if the COVID-19 virus infection has reached the lungs that can cause pneumonia, making the organ hardened and complicating the patient to breathe.

Although scientists have not yet succeeded in finding vaccines and drugs as a therapy for COVID-19, already more than 50 percent of cases were cured. Erlina explains basically the nature of viruses is self limiting disease that can heal by itself. This means that the disease can be healed only with increased endurance of the patient.

In addition, Erlina explains that doctors treat COVID-19 patients with symptomatic therapy, or treat symptoms that arise from the disease COVID-19. “Treating symptoms, doing therapy to provide support to the abnormalities caused, because there is no specific drug this virus,” he said.

If the patient has a headache it will be given the drug paracetamol, while if the patient has shortness of breath will be given oxygen respirator to help him breathe. Erlina mentions more than 80 percent of the COVID-19 symptoms are mild symptoms.

While the person is expressed completely cured of the disease COVID-19 if in two times laboratory examination of the patient is declared negative infected virus named SARS-CoV official.


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